March 2024

news cloud-based private hire and taxi dispatch software

IntelMotion is thrilled to announce its triumph in the Transport Technology of the Year category at the SME UK Transport Awards 2024. Our groundbreaking innovation in green transportation, featuring Shared Rides and Dynamic Scheduling, has been lauded for its exceptional impact on the industry.

Now in its sixth year, the SME UK Transport Awards celebrates the outstanding achievements of industry leaders across various sectors including vehicle manufacturing, transport technology, people movement, and aircraft operations. This prestigious awards program underscores the pivotal role of transportation in our daily lives and provides a platform to honour companies that have demonstrated resilience and dedication, overcoming challenges to achieve remarkable success.

With sustainability taking centre stage, the awards spotlight the industry's shift towards embracing eco-friendly practices and digitalisation, including the rising adoption of electric vehicles.

IntelMotion's victory underscores our dedication to pioneering innovation in the transportation sector and our steadfast commitment to fostering a more sustainable and efficient future for the industry.

Tackling Industry Challenges with Cutting-Edge Solutions

Amidst growing environmental concerns and the rise of electric vehicles, IntelMotion Solutions has stepped up to transform transportation efficiency. Their latest breakthrough, the 'Shared Rides' algorithm, intelligently consolidates multiple individual journeys into single vehicle trips, maximising utilisation, cutting emissions, and boosting operational efficiency. Notably, this innovation seamlessly integrates with electric vehicles, factoring in variables like battery charge in its dynamic calculations."


Significant Impact and Remarkable Results

The impact of IntelMotion's Shared Rides technology on ground passenger transportation has been profound. Leading UK private hire companies and international transportation firms have experienced notable reductions in dead mileage and fuel consumption, coupled with enhanced fleet ROI and substantial contributions to eco-friendly transportation initiatives. The software's unparalleled flexibility in automatically and dynamically scheduling, along with its real-time adaptability, have proven indispensable, particularly in volatile market conditions.”


About IntelMotion Solutions:

IntelMotion Solutions (formerly Magenta Technology) is an established provider of end-to-end dynamic real time scheduling and optimisation solutions for ground transportation industry, with 20+ years of experience through work with 350+ customers all over the world, including Emirates Airline, Addison Lee, Terravision, Transdev, AVIS, Carey International and other prominent players of the market.

IntelMotions’s unique innovative optimisation technology and true real-time, dynamic scheduling and dispatching solutions allow transportation suppliers to provide high quality services whilst maximising capacity and productivity, minimising operating costs and enhancing revenues. Combined ‘booked in advance’ and ‘on demand’ services are continuously optimised to automatically control operations with the minimum amount of human intervention:

  • based on operational priorities of the transportation network (customer service levels vs costs vs fleet configuration);
  • with passengers’ and drivers’ preferences and requirements in mind;
  • with ability to combine separately booked journeys into shared rides, where possible;
  • enabling end-to-end automation of booking management and dispatch processes.

You can find out more why their A.I. optimisation and scheduling platform has been awarded “Transport Technology of the Year 2024” at