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Eradicating Empty Seats

IntelMotion Solutions are on a mission to fill your fleet’s empty seats. With over 20 years experience in automated scheduling software, IntelMotion have an A.I. based solution that will optimise your fleet potential, allowing growth with none of the usually associated costs.

We believe that the way to really get the most out of your fleet is to update your schedule as often as you can, as quickly as you can, so that your business can adapt to all of the latest real world conditions. Our one-of-a-kind Scheduling Engine can do this several times a minute, meaning better routes, less dead mileage and increased fleet productivity – less time with empty seats.

We also understand that utilising your fleets' full capacity can mean putting multiple passengers into the same vehicle, so our technology is able to automatically and dynamically combine multiple individual journeys into multi-stop trips.

This again means that you can maximise the capacity of your fleet and ensure timely arrival times, while offering the flexibility of on demand shuttle services.

Your growth matters to us and we know that you can do more with your already existing fleet. Our experience tells us that growth can be achieved by improving on what you already have, because we know that poor scheduling and planning can cause serious inefficiencies in the business. Optimisation improves everything that you do and will mean that you can achieve more with what you have, meaning you do not have to increase your fleet costs by adding more vehicles, drivers or planners to reach your targets.

We also, like you, have the environment on our mind and we know that cutting emissions is important for everyone. Using our optimisation software you will have tangible proof that you are able to cut your emissions at the same time as cutting your costs. By eradicating your empty seats, your fleet will complete less pointless, empty journeys meaning less pointless pollution.

Our story

  • 1999

    The inception of our technology, featuring an AI-centric approach to logistics, is initiated by a team of computer scientists hailing from Cambridge University, utilising a ground breaking programming approach.

  • 1999 — 2005

    The technology leaves its mark by crafting customised optimisation solutions to address challenges that were once considered insurmountable.

  • 2006

    We secure contracts and provide optimisation solutions for multiple fleets of over 1000 vehicles, with major industry leaders, including Addison Lee, Tankers International, Avis Rent a Car, Corporate Solutions Logistics, and Gist.

  • 2011-2013

    Launch of Echo 2.0, next-generation operational dispatch Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system tailored for private hire businesses.

  • 2014

    Echo Platform goes SaaS, offering a versatile out-of-the-box Software as a Service product, reinforcing our role as a catalyst for technological advancement in ground passenger transportation.

  • 2016

    Introduced advanced capacity management to help fleets maximise their potential by forward planning based on demand and available resource. Being able to calculate fleet requirements in advance was a game changer for users.

  • 2020

    Pioneered Shared Rides, the capability to automatically consolidate individual bookings into single-vehicle multi-stop journeys, representing another major stride towards sustainable and cost-efficient transportation.

  • 2023

    With the rise of electric vehicles (EVs), we integrated EV battery management into our platform, ensuring that operators could effortlessly transition to electric fleets.

  • 2024

    We embraced our new identity, rebranding to IntelMotion Solutions. Our fresh brand embodies our commitment to intelligent, AI-driven optimised and sustainable ground transportation.

A Wide Array of Global Industries Thrive with Our Solutions

From A-Z: Highlighting a Handful of the Sectors We Support

  • Airport shuttles
  • ATM service management
  • Beauty services
  • Cash in transit
  • Credit card delivery
  • Employee transit
  • Field controllers and auditors
  • Field sales
  • Hotel transfers
  • Field service engineers
  • Medical services at home
  • Mobile workforce management
  • Non-emergency patient transportation
  • Patient transportation & paratransit
  • School bus shared rides
  • Social services
  • Taxi dispatch, limo and private hire
  • Tourists transfer