September 2022

IntelMotion are excited to announce that they have been shortlisted for the Sustainable Journeys award at the UK Fleet Champions Awards hosted by Brake, the road safety charity.

The awards ceremony will be held on 20th October at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, and the competition for the award is tight.

The UK Fleet Champions Awards celebrate the hard work and dedication of fleet organisations striving to improve road safety and reduce pollution. The Sustainable Journeys Award will go to the organisation that has done the most to reduce risk and fuel emissions by enabling active and shared travel, or by improving journey routing.

IntelMotion Solutions’s Dynamic Shared Rides Technology helps its users to reduce their carbon emissions in two ways:

  • The Shared Rides Technology automatically groups individually booked journeys and puts them together as multi-stop ‘Trips’ in single vehicles, saving on dead mileage and meaning fewer vehicles needed on our already congested roads, while keeping up with journey demand.
  • The Shared Rides Technology sits on top of IntelMotion Solutions' scheduling and dispatch software which has a unique algorithm that looks at a range of factors when deciding on the schedule and looks to create as many savings around the dead mileage as possible, creating efficient routes for fleets and analysing and updating this every 10 seconds

IntelMotion Solutions’s Head of Product, Nadia Temple, said “To be considered for an award for our work is fantastic news. We have been working on Shared Rides for a while now and are very proud that it is being recognised in this way. Our Shared Rides users are already saving thousands of what would have been dead miles per week, this is drastically reducing their emissions and of course their fuel costs. We hope to be able to spread the word about Shared Rides and the benefits it can have at a time when we are striving to lower emissions.”


About IntelMotion Solutions

IntelMotion Solutions (used to trade as Magenta Technology) is an established provider of end-to-end dynamic real time scheduling and optimisation solutions for ground transportation industry, with 20+ years of experience through work with 350+ customers all over the world, including Emirates Airline, Addison Lee, Terravision, Transdev, AVIS, Carey International and other prominent players of the market.

IntelMotion Solutions’s unique innovative optimisation technology and true real-time, dynamic scheduling and dispatching solutions allow transportation suppliers to provide high quality services whilst maximising capacity and productivity, minimising operating costs and enhancing revenues. Combined ‘booked in advance’ and ‘on demand’ services are continuously optimised to automatically control operations with the minimum amount of human intervention:

  • based on operational priorities of the transportation network (customer service levels vs costs vs fleet configuration);
  • with passengers’ and drivers’ preferences and requirements in mind;
  • with ability to combine separately booked journeys into shared rides, where possible;
  • enabling end-to-end automation of booking management and dispatch processes.