July 2022

news cloud-based private hire and taxi dispatch software

IntelMotion has launched its unique dynamic Echo Shared Rides technology to enable fleets to move even more passengers through maximised utilisation of their existing capacity and defy the lack of drivers and vehicles, so painfully familiar to any transport operator these days.

As a leading provider of software for dispatch automation and fleet optimisation for ground passenger transportation and on-demand mobility, IntelMotion has extended the technology stack of their AI-based automated scheduling and dispatch system Echo with the new Shared Rides Technology.

The new functionality intelligently and rapidly takes multiple individually booked journeys and puts them together in single vehicle multi-stop ‘Trips’, based on settings calibrations that can be adapted for and applied to different sets of potential passengers. This technology ensures that fleets can use as many of the seats in their vehicles as possible.

Less empty seats means that the vehicles themselves are working harder offering a greater ROI. It also means you do not have to increase your fleet size to handle increased demand, while enabling the customer to save on the cost of their journeys.

Not only does this contribute to the important goal of lowering congestion and emissions but is another great tool in the battle against driver and vehicle shortages being felt by the industry the world over. This, on top of the intelligent scheduling algorithm that already exists in Echo, meaning doing more with less really is now an achievable goal.

Early adopters of Shared Rides have seen the following highlights:

  • 5,500km of driven mileage and over 50 hours of driving time SAVED PER DAY for a fleet in Dubai
  • Over 145,000 excess kilometres saved in the first 6 months for an employee transportation specialist in South America
  • Over 980 dead miles saved in a contained ‘hub’ style shuttle service between Heathrow Airport Terminals and Hotels during H1 2022

Further rollouts are planned in both the UK and elsewhere as supply and demand trends shift and try to keep pace with each other in the post Pandemic world.

Sign up here to find out how IntelMotion enabled the leading Middle-East Airline to:

  • Achieve a 23% increase in the ground passenger transportation network productivity
  • Free up circa 40% of resources in the Control Team
  • In addition to the above, save up to 3,500 miles of driven mileage across the fleet per day by using IntelMotion’s unique shared rides optimisation engine.

About IntelMotion Solutions

IntelMotion Solutions (used to trade as Magenta Technology) is an established provider of end-to-end dynamic real time scheduling and optimisation solutions for ground transportation industry, with 20+ years of experience through work with 350+ customers all over the world, including Emirates Airline, Addison Lee, Terravision, Transdev, AVIS, Carey International and other prominent players of the market.

IntelMotion’s unique innovative optimisation technology and true real-time, dynamic scheduling and dispatching solutions allow transportation suppliers to provide high quality services whilst maximising capacity and productivity, minimising operating costs and enhancing revenues. Combined ‘booked in advance’ and ‘on demand’ services are continuously optimised to automatically control operations with the minimum amount of human intervention:

  • based on operational priorities of the transportation network (customer service levels vs costs vs fleet configuration);
  • with passengers’ and drivers’ preferences and requirements in mind;
  • with ability to combine separately booked journeys into shared rides, where possible;
  • enabling end-to-end automation of booking management and dispatch processes.