May 2015

news cloud-based private hire and taxi dispatch software

Longleys, Canterbury’s leading private hire operator with 50 drivers, have successfully completed the implementation of Echo, their new operational platform designed and delivered by IntelMotion Solutions (used to trade as Magenta Technology), the creators of Addison Lee’s Shamrock platform.

Echo’s feature-rich technology means that smaller operators like Longleys now have access to leading edge technology previously only available to the largest operators, empowering them to drive exceptional operational efficiency and support the highest levels of customer experience.

Automatic allocation and dispatch of jobs, accurate response times calculated in real-time through sophisticated dynamic delays technology, as well as providing accurate pricing based upon actual mileage, enable Longleys to deliver a great service for every customer, every time, while keeping the mileage down.

Longleys private hire dispatch software

IntelMotion’s refreshing business approach, ability to listen and problem solving capabilities are backed by significant experience with some of the largest London private hire operators, like Addison Lee, Lewis Day and Green Tomato Cars.

Originally designed for larger private hire businesses specialising in the corporate market, with the recent implementation at Longleys, Echo has brought the benefits of the latest state-of-the-art technologies to smaller local private hire operators working mostly with cash customers.

Longleys Director, David George explains ‘We knew that our particular business model would throw up challenges for a system supplier. Although we are quite a small operator, our business is extremely customer-centric, and we drive efficiency hard. Most suppliers made big, empty promises but ultimately failed to deliver. We were ready to give up our search! Our experience with the team at IntelMotion has been the polar opposite – we are so happy to finally be working with a team that listens, and delivers results!' 'After 6 months of using Echo, we are now dispatching over 95% of work automatically, with an extremely accurate customer delay (on average we are 2 minutes early for each job) whilst significantly decreasing dead mileage. Quite simply, Echo has enabled us to save money and ultimately take more bookings.'


Matt Borland, Sales Director of IntelMotion Solutions added: “this demonstrates perfectly the unique adaptability of Echo to deliver increased efficiencies and profitability for both large and small operators.”


About Longleys

Established in 1966, and owned by the George family since 2007. We offer a simple, but high-quality service to the local community in Canterbury. Longleys believe that the customer should have a great experience every time they come into contact with us, and that belief affects the way we do everything. We treat our staff and customers like family.

About Echo

A cutting-edge private hire car and cab operational platform designed and delivered by IntelMotion Solutions, the creators of Addison Lee’s Shamrock platform, Echo is second-to-none in delivering the highest on-demand customer service at the lowest cost.

With superior feature rich functionality and our proprietary auto allocation technology, Echo provides full visibility of every vehicle in real time, ensuring drivers can be punctual, with less waiting time – thereby increasing customer satisfaction, driver earnings and their loyalty.

Echo – innovating private car hire operations.

Echo is a division of IntelMotion Solutions.